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Mar 17, 2021 9:00:00 AM / by McKinley Oswald

Recently, Verb was ranked as the number one app in the direct sales space. This is something that our team is very proud of, and something that took a collective effort to achieve. What started as a simple solution for a handful of clients has become a platform with more than 100 clients and over 1.6 million app downloads. To support this growth, we have a full team of experts who handle everything from onboarding to special projects for our clients. This edition of the Direct Sales Masterclass features a conversation with Michelle Lee, Director of Client Success, and Alan Anderson, Director of Sales Ops.

Direct Sales Masterclass - Michelle and Alan

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More Than a Vendor

At Verb, we pride ourselves on being more than a vendor; we strive to be partners with the companies that we work with. Our Client Success Team boasts more than 25 employees who handle everything from onboarding and implementation to on-going special projects and customization. Four years ago, this team had three members, so it has grown dramatically so we can continue to support our clients.



What to Expect Once You Sign with Verb

  • Internal Meeting: Our team meets internally to discuss timelines, project scope, and unique needs
  • Kickoff Call: This meeting will allow our two teams to meet together to set timelines, discuss the admin portal, and talk about launch needs
  • Team of Experts: You will be assigned experts in the area of integration, on-boarding, and special projects


The Verb solution is not cookie cutter. Each client finds unique ways to use the platform. Both party plans and multi-level marketing companies find unique ways to maximize our digital tools. Including everything from samples and unique digital tools to business reports and custom development, the Verb platform will be customized for your company.


Our team will strive to find ways to serve you and create a unique culture for app usage. We want to be more than a company that launches the app. These experts will continue to support you after the app launches.


Quarterly Business Reviews and Ongoing Support

When used correctly, the Verb app can help you drive the right behaviors that will influence and impact your company’s growth. Whether you have 100 or 100,000 users, we will provide you with data to help you make the right decisions on how to maximize the Verb platform.



One of the ways we provide ongoing support is to hold a Quarterly Business Review (QBR) with our account management team and the stakeholders at your company. These meetings provide an opportunity to review the data and compare it to the overall data of the Verb platform.


“Looking at the data collectively helps ensure that the results are matching our clients’ expectations.” – Alan Anderson


Recently, we held a QBR with a client and reviewed their top shared assets on the platform. The client noticed that the #2 shared video wasn’t even on their radar. They didn’t even know the video was still on the platform. This insight helped them to adjust their ongoing marketing and sales plans. Data like this can help teams to maximize their marketing efforts through the app.


Another client had been averaging a 16% conversion rate in their sampling program through the app. Upon analysis, we decided to implement additional coaching tips by way of notification through the app. This minor adjustment helped them to increase their sample conversions to over 25%--a conversion rate that they have maintained for over a year.


Alan’s team focuses on regular check-ins, data analysis, and finding unique ways to support the needs of our clients.


What Does Success Look Like on the Verb Platform?

Our team focuses on two key areas: achieving an effective launch and creating an app culture among the users. If these two areas are achieved, our clients typically reach the goals they are hoping for.



Tips for Creating an Effective App Culture:

  • Involve the Leaders from the beginning
  • Add different tools in a phased approach through the app
  • Use the app to support key initiatives like promotions, product launches, and events



10 Tips to Create a Successful App Culture

  1. Have a Key Stakeholder
  2. Keep Content Fresh
  3. Use the Announcement Feature
  4. Train in Facebook Groups
  5. Incorporate the App in Your Sales Team’s Efforts
  6. Drop Training Brochures in Monthly Orders
  7. Promote the App in Your Starter Kit
  8. Use Verb’s Magic Link to On-board New Associates
  9. Maximize Promotions Through Verb’s Social Sharing Tools
  10. Train and Educate Your Sales Force with LEARN


Click Here to Access a PDF giving additional tips to create a successful app culture.


The Success of Our Clients is What Drives Us

More than any other metric in the company, the success of our clients is what motivates us. This passion is shown in our efforts to be more than a vendor—to be a partner.



Our team can help create a culture, find wins for your company, and help you maximize your digital strategy. Reach out to our company today for additional ideas on how to maximize the Verb platform with your company.



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