What Sets MARKET Apart?

Posted by Megan Gibson on Jun 8, 2022 1:00:00 AM

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Livestream shopping is quickly becoming the new way to shop online. It first gained popularity in China, and this year, livestream shopping is predicted to become a $480 billion industry there (Forbes). The United States is a few years behind the livestream shopping trend in China, but it is quickly gaining traction as popular social sites have started accumulating more livestream sellers. With the demand for live selling going up, many sellers are making the transition to social selling to cater to their audience. For sellers, it’s important to set up shop in a place where you know your audience is. That’s why a lot of online sellers are taking the big leap. 



With so many different livestream platforms available, it can be difficult to decide where to set up your storefront. If you’re looking to find your social selling niche, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re talking about MARKET—a social selling platform at the intersection of technology, entertainment, and retail. There are a lot of features that set MARKET apart from the rest, so keep reading to see what this robust livestream selling platform can offer your business. 


A Fresh Audience 

Several livestream platforms leave it to you to bring your own audience members to your live events. While it is good to advertise your upcoming shows to your followers, MARKET works with you to bring in fresh audience members who aren’t as familiar with your brand. This way, your shows can host a blend of loyal and new customers who are both interested in your products. 



Audience Members Can RSVP 

MARKET also has a system where your audience members can RSVP to your livestream event. A few minutes before you go live, they will receive an email with all the details about the event along with the link to join. If you encourage your followers to RSVP beforehand, there’s a higher chance that more people will come to the show!  


Onscreen Interactions 

This platform works to take as much friction out of the buying process as possible. MARKET has a very streamlined purchasing process where buyers can click directly on the screen to view a product that the presenter is showing. Then, without leaving the livestream, they can add products to their cart and purchase them. Buyers can create and curate their shopping carts without leaving the livestream. They can also add items to their cart from other stores and purchase them all at once.  

AlixTraeger - Market Live

We’ve seen that removing any unnecessary friction from the buying process makes a difference in the number of sales per stream. In some of MARKET’s recent live events, we found that around 12% of attendees made purchases, up from 2.5% for non-livestream eCommerce. While these numbers were gathered from a small sample, it indicates how successful frictionless selling at a live event can be. 


Entertain with Multiple Hosts 

Do you have multiple hosts from different parts of the country? No problem. MARKET enables you to have multiple hosts on the livestream at a time. The camera switches seamlessly between the two hosts depending on who is talking. Having multiple hosts is a great way to keep audience members engaged in the products, and it keeps the event interesting. You can also bring a cohost on during the show to add expertise on a product or to show off a product in action. However you want to arrange hosts on your livestream, MARKET has the scalability to support your vision. 


Market - LIVE with Co Host


Live Analytics 

Another benefit of onscreen interactions is that sellers can see which products were the most popular by noting how many clicks each received. MARKET’s powerful analytics also show when audience members dropped off during the stream and how many people stayed for its duration. These analytics can be a helpful tool to help sellers plan for upcoming events. By seeing which products were most popular and which areas of the stream generated less interest, sellers can improve their streaming strategy with each event. 


An App-free, Browser-Based Experience 

MARKET promotes easy access for you and your buyers by not requiring an app to attend live events or go live. Sellers can go live in minutes from their browser, and buyers can simply click the link to access the event. The easier it is to access a show, the more likely there will be a lot of audience members. 


Robust Help Articles for Sellers 

The MARKET team wants to ensure all sellers have the best livestream experience and that they are constantly seeing success with hosting live events on the platform. All sellers have access to support staff and help articles to help them with technical difficulties. Not many livestream platforms have this feature, which shows that the MARKET team values each seller and their experience with the platform. 

 Verb  - Future of MLM

While not all of these features are unique to MARKET, the combination does make this platform an ideal hub for livestream sellers to sell, host products, and generate a higher following. 

MARKET is a powerful livestreaming platform that offers unique features to sellers. With audience RSVP capabilities, onscreen interactions, live analytics, and an entirely browser-based platform, MARKET provides everything you need to engage with your audience in real-time. If you're looking for a new livestream platform that helps sellers drive sales, you've found what you’re looking for. See what it takes to become a MARKET seller here.