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Posted by Megan Gibson on Jul 6, 2022 1:38:07 AM

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By now, you’ve probably heard about MARKET and the unique social shopping and selling experiences it offers to shoppers and sellers. For the past few months, we have been recruiting sellers to the MARKET platform, and sellers have had the opportunity to host a few live events to showcase the live experience. Individual storefronts are presenting their products at live events that are happening on the MARKET platform every couple of days. The MARKET platform has already received overwhelmingly positive reviews from shoppers and sellers who found their experiences unique and engaging, but that was only the beginning. 

MARKET’s Shopfest is going to be a MARKET experience that you won’t soon forget. What is Shopfest, exactly? Read on to learn what livestream new shopping experiences we have in store! 

What is Shopfest? 

Shopfest will be a three-day event of peace, love, and online shopping. It’s an opportunity for people to come together to shop and sell online in a completely immersive experience where you can come and interact with shoppers and sellers through the onscreen chat and engage with the products before you purchase. There will also be opportunities to support favorite brands and find new brands you’ll love.  


Shopfest is for Sellers 

Shopfest is powered by the MARKET livestream platform, where sellers can host their products and sell directly from the platform (sellers don’t need to be streaming to sell products—shoppers can browse your online shop whenever). Shopfest will be an opportunity for sellers to experience the future of livestream selling and see how their products perform on the screen in front of a large audience. So far, we’ve seen sellers are more likely to sell more products while they’re live, and Shopfest is the perfect setting for your products to get noticed. 

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Shopfest isn’t reserved for large businesses—it’s the perfect opportunity for small businesses to put themselves out there and get noticed by shoppers from all over the world. MARKET livestreams deliver TV-quality productions that are built to reel audiences in and keep them coming back for more. Shopfest is your time to get to know your customers, discover what they want to see from your brand, and perform to their needs. 


Shopfest is for Shoppers 

Shopfest will be a place where shoppers can watch an engaging lineup of streams from several different brands, creators, and influencers at one time. For shoppers, the experience will be as easy and engaging as scrolling through videos on any social media app, only they can participate in the fun from their browser.  


This is where MARKET’s universal shopping cart will come in handy—shoppers can scroll through different live events, add items to their cart, then purchase different products from different streams simultaneously in just a few clicks. Shopfest provides an opportunity for shoppers to enjoy an immersive shopping experience where they can interact with brands and sellers like they’ve never done before. Plus, shoppers are less likely to return items if they purchase products from a livestream versus traditional eCommerce. This is because the livestream setting is ideal for customers to ask detailed, personalized questions. 


Shopfest is Giving Back 

With so many people coming to participate in the fun, we wanted to find a way to give back through our live shopping festival. That’s why we partnered with Good360, a nonprofit organization that helps take surplus goods from companies and gives them to those in need. To support their efforts to provide the right items to the right people at the right time, MARKET is giving Shopfest participants the option to donate to Good360. When shoppers are checking out, they will have the option to either donate directly to Good360, or round their purchases up. We’re looking forward to what MARKET and Good360’s partnership will look like during the Shopfest festivities and other future events! 


Shopfest is for everyone! For shoppers, sellers, and everyone else, it will be an online shopping and selling experience like no other. Grab your friends and family, gather around a big bowl of popcorn, or pour a glass of wine, and enjoy a shopping trip together from the comforts of your own home.  

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Shopfest is an opportunity for sellers to sell to a large audience who are interested in the products they sell and a time for shoppers to explore new brands, learn about the products they sell, and buy what they love. Shopfest will all be happening in real-time with livestreaming that makes you feel like you're right there in the store with other shoppers who love the same brands as you do. Join us for this unique and exciting shopping event happening July 26-28! RSVP now to experience these three days of Shopfest’s peace, love, and livestreaming shopping! 

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